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Backlinks significantly influence a websites authority in the search engines. But building high quality links can take time and a lot of patience. PBN SEO is a rapid technique to quickly and efficiently boost your Google ranking. Allowing you to  control and manipulate your own link aquisition. Your aim is to trick the search engine bots into trusting that your website has authority. As you will have multiple domains in your private blog network, you have the ability to fully  manage your backlink profile. You can also precisely select the anchor text to ensure they are relevant. The key is to make the websites within your PBN to look different, natural and organic. 

The easiest way to explain PBN SEO is with a visual diagram, as shown below:

What Is A Pbn

SEO experts are continuously evolving, as are PBN. It is safe to say that the use of a private blog network to rank a money site is not a new tactic. But PBN´s still remain a successful strategy when done correctly. Using old, aged domains which are regarded by the search engines, are considered  authoritative. Which means you get better and trusted links added to your website. 


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