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First and foremost, I would like to make clear that I am no PBN SEO expert! I was born in the UK, in an era where the modern internet, google, seo etc didn´t even exist! However, diversicating my business on to the world wide web and building a website became a necessity. As the internet grew and competition increased in the search engines. I had to learn, adapt and evolve to SEO. Desperately trying to keep my website visible every time that there was a major Google update. Often feeling like giving up and loosing all hope.


PBN SEO, I give up

That was until I learnt about PBN´s, or private blog networks for short. A modern SEO technique that allows you to add link power to your business website. Of which you have full control and management over. Thus, improving the rankings in the search engine results. Now of course, I´m still learning and forever evolving my method. But I wanted to share my experience, thoughts, opinions and advice that I have received. Along the way and of course on going. 

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